11 October 2015

Cosmetics Promo

11 October 2015,

We shot behind the scenes video for a cosmetics company. These frames were taken from the 6k Red Epic Dragon bts footage.

7 July 2015

Fashion Film – Like Rain

7 July 2015,

The fashion film, Like Rain, we shot at 6k resolution.

23 October 2014

Fashion Film in Portrait (Vertical) Mode

23 October 2014,

A fashion film we produced in vertical portrait mode at 6k resolution and mastered at 4k for  display at 4k 90″ monitors.

30 July 2014

masque de l’art

30 July 2014,

A beauty fashion film shot vertically in portrait mode with the Red Epic at 5k resolution. The video has been licensed to manufacturers of […]